This is a photo of "Jack" my Jack Russell Terrier. He was born on a farm in Kipling, Saskatchewan. I picked him up in October, 2005. Since then he has been a constant source of entertainment and challenge to me. Jack was the first dog I had living with me since I was a child so I thought it would be a good idea to take him to some obedience classes. Funny thing, he wasn't too obedient and as a result we were asked to leave not one but two separate "obedience" classes.

I was pretty discouraged. I thought there was no hope for this fiesty and yappy puppy. Then I saw the ad for Pawzitive Attitudes DogZone. If you click on the home page you can find a place where it says "have you been told to take your dog out of a class, or turned away because of behavioural problems? We can help you, and have never asked a dog and its owner to leave a class before".

I thought that if they were telling the truth in this ad, then this was the place for Jack and I. We would "never be asked to leave a class". I went to the first class thinking that at any moment we would be facing the instructor of the class who would soon tell us we should probably not return to the next one.

Quess what! We weren't. It was like magic as pretty soon Jack was doing the things he was supposed to do in class (OK maybe this is stretching it a bit).

He now has done a few agility classes and flyball. But Jack's love is for the ball so we have tended to focus our attention on that. We were recently in a tournament in Regina. While Jack was definetely not the star of the tournament, he did not get kicked out of the building and I was happy about that accomplishment.

I cannot say enough about how the training made a difference to me and Jack.